Season 2, Ep 2 – Adventures in Big Data w Chris Lee, Logistical Labs

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This episode, I speak with Chris Lee, CCO of Logistical Labs about the similarities between Alice in Wonderland and The Rabbit Holes of Big Data. There is so much data how do you know what to mine. how to mine it and use it to your competitive advantage? You will hear more about  what types of data there are,  how data is being used to identify and help fix challenges in supply chain and much more!

Chris says the top 3 things you should be doing are 1 – Identify the the challenge or problem, 2 – Simplify Data, 3 – use it to drive business forward. What will your company face if you don’t get this process right? Find out more in my interview with Chris. We will have a free download, more information about Chris and the link to the episode on our website

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