SEA 2, EP 93 – The CCM Chassis Pool Saves the Day!

Mike is the CEO of CCM, a chassis management company that creates fluidity in the supply chain. What makes them special? Their CCM pools work as an ‘open membership’ model that allow many different carriers access to chassis’ faster. You might be wondering what exactly that means for your supply chain and we will paint that picture in this episode but from a high level,  It means that if there aren’t any chassis available, the pool will find some and send some to the location that needs them the most!

This unique model allows all stakeholders (ocean carriers, truckers, leasing companies) to all be under one management, which in turn reduces costs, delays and makes the industry generally more efficient. This also allows every stakeholder to be represented under one network, with CCM working as a neutral facilitator making sure that chassis go where they are needed. This means there’s a large reduction in fleet and maintenance programs are much easier to coordinate, which bring us to the most important benefit of them all – the environment and sustainability which we are hearing more and more about each day.

There are many benefits to having everything under one management, one big one being sustainability. Usually, every line has their own chassis, this means that every operation takes longer – the driver needs to go find the chassis, the train is therefore delayed and is running longer. By sharing chassis in an interoperable pool there are fewer delays, a reduction in the volume of activity and more efficiency – this helps reduce the overall carbon footprint of the companies.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [0.28] What exactly is CCM chassis pool
  • [4.51] The challenges of current shippers
  • [10.39] Who really needs this solution?
  • [13.35] Visualize how chassis pools can help you
  • [19.15] What does this mean for the environment

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