SEA 2, EP 91 – Overwhelmed by Content? Learn to Speed Read

Want some superpowers? Today Howard Berg – The World’s Fastest Reader, shares how he gained his title and his mind-boggling super powers of speed reading and speed learning. He now wants to teach the world his skills, so in todays episode he shares how others can learn and read quickly just like him – and even tests Sarah.

Howard has read over 30,000 books and reveals that just by reading for one hour a day, you can read a book every few days. That translates into 100 new business skills every year. With that kind of information, you can learn more about your industry, start a new business or teach others what you learn – the sky really is the limit. Want to learn how? Howard gives us his top three tips to increase speed learning, which includes reading faster, improving comprehension and doing memory drills. He practices on Sarah, and see how suddenly she’s able to recall an entire list of objects!

These skills are immensely useful when it comes to business. Howard identifies five main pillars to reading a business book efficiently, and how his method got students to pass CLEP test with just one week of studying. You may earn a superpower just by listening to this episode…!

In this episode we discuss:

  • [1.26] How Howard became the World’s Fastest Reader
  • [6.00] Why we read slowly
  • [9.20] Top 3 tips to increase speed learning
  • [20.58] learn quicker, 5 components to reading business books
  • [28.10] Why comprehension is so important

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