SEA 2, EP 89 – David vs Goliath and they all won!

If you havent heard of Ashcroft Terminal, you will not forget them after today’s interview. They are changing the game for inland ports everywhere and upping the bar to where you will want to get to know them. Kleo Landucci, changemaker and Chief Commercial & Corporate Affars officer of Ashcroft Terminal show us how they are a company that provides transportation logistics in a unique geographical position: it’s an inland port at a junction of the CP and CN rail lines in Western Canada.

Kleo’s father had a vision to turn a specific piece of land into a container business in 1999, and Kleo joined in 2004 from the financial sector. The last 2 years have been very active for Ashcroft Terminal: they have taken on a Giant and turned it into a solid partnership and joint venture. They recently sold 60% of their company to PSA International, The largest Port operator that shipped 81 million containers in 2018 and will help establish Ashcroft as a big player in this space.

Planning for 2020? Consider what an inland port can do for you and how it can positively impact your business. First of all, rail traffic is much more efficient than truck traffic, both in time and cost. Second of all, railroads could be part of Canada’s climate change solution. 300 trucks on the road equates to one train – this drastically decreases carbon emissions.Third of all, it’s very likely that future generations of supply chain will need to include railroads in their company strategies, listen to the full episode to find out more and why Ashcroft is uniquely positioned to offer many shippers the chance to ‘jump ship’ to railroads.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [1.04] David vs Goliath, the story behind the partnership
  • [4.38] The little inland port that could
  • [13.46] Kleo’s touch
  • [15.25] How inland ports impact supply chain
  • [28.05] rail vs truck, consider the consequences

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