SEA 2, EP 88 – Women In Supply Chain™, Nicole Vernkidt


Nicole is back! In today’s episode Sarah chats with Nicole Vernkidt who was originally on the show back in season 1. Nicole own and is changing the face of procurement with her experience in both manufacturing and supply chain. Nicole grew up in a family business, and was exposed to a business environment from a very young age.

As a young woman in business and a start up looking for investment, Nicole was faced with certain challenges such as dealing with a credibility gap and not being able to relate so much to older, male investors. But as she says herself, when you decide to do things differently and expose yourself to the business world, you’ll face challenges one way or another. She also admits that there have been some advantages to being a woman, and that at the end of the day the most important is that gut feeling that you’re doing what you know you’re meant to be doing.

To all supply chain leaders, Nicole says make sure to get involved ahead of time. Supply chain now needs to be part of strategic decisions and needs to be there to be able to secure innovative resources and partners. This means understanding the most up to date technologies and being able to bring creativity to the forefront of decision making. Technology will always be a part of the solution, so make sure you prioritize learning the basics.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [5.24] From manufacturing to procurement
  • [15.12] Lets get out of our own way!
  • [23.38] Give us the highlights
  • [28.35] Just do it, but practice first
  • [30.49] Pay attention leaders

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