SEA 2, EP 87 – Are you getting the most out of your returns?

In today’s episode Sarah talks with Rob from Inmar, a company that started in the coupon industry and is now fully immersed into helping companies with their supply chains. What in particular do they focus on? Making your e-commerce return process smooth with reverse logistics.

The main challenge when it comes to handling returns is driving friction out of the process – processing returns is costly, time-consuming and a negative experience quickly builds a bad reputation for the company. Using reverse logistics, Inmar manages the return process for the company, including inventory control, managing consumer credit and offering top customer service. Customers want different options when returning an item, and interconnecting every single aspect of the chain is the only way to provide a seamless experience.

Inmar handles returns by offering clients their software, micro-warehousing services and leveraging their network. As a result, companies are saving millions, reducing waste and getting a chance to get closer to their customers through a process that helps them stand out from competitors.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [3.04 What is reverse logistics
  • [6.50] The challenges when handling returns
  • [10.56] Managing consumer versus wholesale returns
  • [17.23] The potential ROI of returns
  • [23.09] Why Inmar?

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