SEA 2, EP 83 – Cost Efficiency vs Customer Experience

In today’s episode we chat to Niklas, founder of Centiro Solutions, a cloud based software company that delivers end to end delivery management capabilities. They’ve been following a SAAS business model since 2002 and pride themselves on being highly flexible and delivering great customer value when it comes to technology.

Niklas started Centiro for a simple reason: he couldn’t find what he wanted in the market. By founding his company, he was solving a problem for himself as well as the market. This worked out pretty well as Centiro is now operating in 125 countries and has over 300 employees. The reason? They look at things globally, not just in one country. When it comes to supply chain, everything is linked together, and Centiro is right at the heart of it, labeling themselves as a ‘connector’.

Niklas argues that helping companies go digital has huge benefits. It alleviates pressure on IT departments and it’s much more cost effective on customer service. But cost efficiency alone is not a sustainable advantage – supply chain is. By focusing on efficient collaboration in supply chain, a company has a much higher chance of beating its competitors. And Centiro focuses on helping businesses do exactly that. Niklas and Centiro also has a unique view on their teams, they look at individuals whollistically and ensure all their passions come alive in their jobs.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [1.04] What Centiro does
  • [8.51] Centiro’s business model
  • [11.15] The benefits of digitizing business
  • [20.31} Why supply chain offers a competitive advantage
  • [39.31] Centiro’s talent acquisition and retention strategy

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