SEA 2, EP 82 – A new voice in Supply Chain

In today’s episode we chat with Kevin, CMO of Symphony RetailAI, a leading AI company that provides tech solutions for FMCG retailers and CPG manufacturers. The platform helps retailers maximize profitable revenue growth with a highly advanced AI-enabled solutions that spans the entire retail value chain. 

One of their solutions revolves around customer behavior. For example, when the price of something goes up, customers don’t stop eating, they simply choose to eat something else. What else will they eat? Will they go to a different grocery store? How will this choice affect the rest of the items in the store? By putting the right systems in place, it’s much easier to understand cause and effect, customer personalization and effective promotions.  

Symphony RetailAI recently launched CINDE, an AI personal decision coach that analyses data and delivers invaluable insights. What’s the fastest growing category in my store? What do I need to change this month to increase sales? What can I cut to increase profits? CINDE has the answers – you’ll be having conversations including growth strategies, insights into underperforming promotions and new opportunities. Every retailer’s best friend!

In this episode we discuss:

  • [2.38] Symphony Retail’s AI solution
  • [7.21] The importance of understanding the marketplace
  • [19.27] The role of customer personalization
  • [22.24] A real life example of customer intelligence
  • [30.46] Cinde, a personal decision coach

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