SEA 2, EP 81 – Get your workforce engaged!

In today’s episode Kelli Paull, Vice President of Success at Shyft joins Sarah to talk about the app that is revolutionizing the supply chain workforce. Shyft is a mobile solution for hourly workers that finally allows shift workers to be in control of their schedule. Anyone working in warehouses knows that managers and employees waste a lot of time allocating shifts, finding replacements and organizing teams. Shyft puts all the updates and communication you need in one app.

Lets put it into context, a typical shift worker no longer needs to physically enter the warehouse, find a manager, ask about their shift just to be told they are not needed,  A quick tap on their phone will allow them to be on top of their schedule, notify managers if something happens and communicate with other workers which to 95% of employees It’s pretty much a dream come true.

The benefits of Shyft have snowballed into some pretty amazing perks: a lot more time and freedom for employees, higher employee retention, better communication and a chance to form a community. Another bonus: data. Companies track everything in the Shyft app, which allows them to notice patterns between users and highly optimize the supply chain process. The future of warehouse work is flexibility, and Shyft is right at the forefront!

In this episode we discuss:

  • [0.52] Top three workforce challenges Shyft helps overcome
  • [5.39] Shift workers are important to supply chain
  • [16.05] The challenges employers face with employee retention
  • [23.32] What a 95% employee satisfaction rate means to your company
  • [35.00] The future of shift work

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