SEA 2, EP 80 – Tech Success, Who should be on your team?

In today’s episode Curt, CEO of Open Sky Group joins Sarah on Lets Talk to share how they help companies implement technology appropriately. With his experience in supply chain, Curt has some very interesting insights on the supply chain industry and company culture which he talks about in this episode.

We all know majority of companies struggle with data and that it is a huge part of conversations in the industry today. Data is a challenge in itself, and Curt shows us how Open Sky Group helps companies manage their data effectively by understanding what they need and making sure they have the right data in the right field.

Another thing Open Sky Group seems to have cracked: company culture. They’ve won some of the most prestigious awards in the industry, and they’re recognized as a leader in supply chain. Curt explains that the reason is simple: they care. They care about the company brand and reputation. They care about their employees. They’ve adopted the Agile Project Methodology and aim to do ‘more with less’. They pride themselves on being honest, transparent and open, even if their customers have no idea what they’re doing. Open Sky Group is living in 2030 while we’re still here in 2019!

In this episode we discuss:

[0.48] Open Sky Group’s core mission
[5.15] The role of data in supply chain
[11.29] What sets Open Sky Group apart and who you need on your team
[17.57] Using the agile method
[26.55] What the future looks like

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