SEA 2, EP 79 – Women In Supply Chain™, Maritime Edition

Today’s episode is extra special as we chat with Ally Cedeno, not only does Holly Qualman join us as guest host but we are also celebrating the Women in Maritime everywhere!! Ally is one of the few women working in the maritime industry and has been working in the maritime industry for over 10 years.

Her main challenge has been working in an industry where women make up only 2%. The biggest issue? Understanding the importance of being herself, and not ‘acting like the guys’. She’s learnt how to show up as herself, with her own talents and without trying to please everyone. She’s also had the experience of working on a ship full of women (10 women out of 250 people is a lot!), and this encouraged her to push for more camaraderie and diversity in the workplace.

Since then, Ally has founded Women Offshore, an organization for women in the maritime industry to come together and play a part in increasing diversity. She’s working hard on the education barrier, not only to empower women in the industry, but also to provide opportunities for women outside of the maritime world. Her mission is to get the word out and spread the knowledge and data effectively.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [2.31] The risks Ally took early on in her career
  • [5.00] The challenges of being a woman in the maritime industry
  • [9.50] The importance of driving diversity
  • [13.48] How she’s working on the education barrier
  • [16.56] How to get the next generation excited


Why are we supporting a women in SC episode:

The supply chain industry is growing dynamically and yet, women still only fill 15% of top-level supply chain positions (Gartner report) HULFT believes that gender equality and diversity is critical of an inclusive workforce – we’re committed to making a difference where we can.


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