SEA 2, EP 78 – What is your Personal Impact on Supply Chain?

In today’s episode we chat with Charles Brewer, all the way from Singapore! Charles is a supply chain expert, leader and since he’s worked in the industry for over 34 years we thought who better to answer this hot topic brought to us by the listeners.

You will hear from our listeners about their challenges in working in a collaborative environment with supply chain teams and Charles will share with us his insights and amazing stories of how we need to change the narrative to bring together collaboration. So where does one start with all this? Charles gives us some helpful tips and it all starts with the leadership. Good leadership behavior trickles down and will mirror a collective approach within the team. Make sure all employees understand what every department does, and the importance of every individual’s efforts. He gives us another nifty tip: get every department to focus on the impact they have on the customer, and the role that supply chain has in the business.

From his experience working with great project managers, Charles tells us that it’s important that both departments and individuals find common ground. Instead of thinking of all the work you have to do next time you go into the office, why not go over to your co-worker in the next department over and shake their hand? Find out about their job, get to know them and figure out what makes them tick. A great first step towards building that collaborative environment we all strive for!

In this episode we discuss:

[2.15] The history of supply chain and where it is now
[4.13] The departments that feed into supply chain
[11.28] How to align departments
[18.23] Creating a collaborative environment
[32.13] What you can do as an individual

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