SEA 2, EP 77 – What is in your branded promotional products?

Lets looks at our promotional products differently….

In this episode Sarah speaks with Tim Brown, executive director of QCA, the association responsible for holding this 24 billion dollar industry accountable. All those pens, tote bags and stickers you hand out at trade shows? That is the industry we are talking about, promotional products. They are a core part of brand awareness and business today but what do you know about those your purchase and hand out?… If your company accidentally chooses a promotional goods supplier that does not meet regulations, hurts someone or has connections with slave labour, the impact on your brand can be devastating!

How can you make sure you source your promotional products come from an ethical supplier? Meet QCA, an accreditor that offers a program certifying promotional goods companies to make sure they meet regulations, are environmentally friendly and keep your brand safe. QCA offers you an opportunity to be proactive with your brand and only connect with companies that are aligned with your mission and values.

Tim gives us some tips when it comes to choosing a supplier; ask them if they have a documented compliance program, a code of conduct and whether they source from overseas. At the moment, fewer than 1% of promotional products companies are accredited. The process is thorough and demanding – but in return your brand is guaranteed to be protected!

In this episode we discuss:

  • [1.58] Why promotional goods creates the most impact to your brand
  • [8.03] 3 things to ask your promotional products supplier
  • [14.50] What are we working with?
  • [21.00] How to get involved
  • [27.53] less waste, Promotional products becoming more sustainable

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