SEA 2, EP 76 – Emmy Award Winner! From Ice to Shipchain

In today’s episode Sarah talks to Brandon Adams, an Emmy Award Winning TV producer and supply chain advisor who started his career shipping ice in the family business. After realizing he didn’t want to sell ice for the rest of his life, he became a TV show producer and motivational speaker plus he is also on the board of advisors for one of the newest supply chain disruptors, ShipChain.

Brandon had to deal with some unique obstacles when managing his ice supply chain – but this is what gave him all the experience and expertise that got him on the board of ShipChain, a company that makes shipping logistics simple. They solve the problem of human error through tracking and tracing systems. He explains that the supply chain industry is more than ready for ShipChain and will make the industry much more efficient.

As an entrepreneur, Brandon advises other entrepreneurs to always pay attention to the little things. Smaller problems can quickly become bigger ones. He also recommends finding people who will support you no matter what. As more disrupting technologies come to the market, he emphasizes how important it is to be able to adapt quickly and get out of your comfort zone.

In this episode we discuss:

[1.04] How Brandon got started in supply chain
[5.09] The obstacles that come with managing an ice business
[12.43] Working as an advisor for ShipChain
[20.31] Advice for entrepreneurs in the supply chain industry
[23.01] What is next for Brandon

Resources and links mentioned:

Brandon’s TV Show: Success in Your City

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