SEA 2, EP 75 – Women In Supply Chain™, Pauline Caballero

In today’s episode we talk to Pauline Caballero, a startup founder who started out in the supply chain industry. Like many others, Pauline stumbled into the supply chain industry by accident and decided to stay. But she did find it challenging to move up the ranks as a woman, and combined with stress, a lot of travelling and a young family she decided to leave the industry and found her own yoga studio along with her business partner.

Pauline turned to yoga and meditation to work on her mental health and help her cope with her day job. This led to her founding a yoga studio which offered classes for those with very busy schedules. Her supply chain skills came in useful when managing her startup; she knew how to create something scalable, the importance of starting from the bottom and which systems she had to put in place for business success. Her startup is now thriving and now has grown to 10 yoga studios across Ontario.

The supply chain industry needs a shift away from tradition. Pauline is now back in supply chain helping out other companies improve their culture and leadership strategies. She believes that there are a lot of roles in the supply chain that still need fulfilling, and she knows both companies and customers are hungry for an innovation shift. For this reason she believes that companies with more collaboration and innovation will be the ones who stand out and succeed in the next 5 years.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [1.20] Pauline’s journey in supply chain
  • [7.25] Building a yoga studio startup
  • [12.00] Returning to supply chain with a focus on mental health
  • [15.14] Why the supply chain industry needs a shift
  • [20.20] Decision fatigue
  • [24.13]The main challenges for the industry

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