SEA 2, EP 74 – Break through the noise, Audrey meets Graham

GET READY!! In this episode Audrey Ross, Co-host on The Trade Squad is our GUEST HOST!
Our Resident Industry Expert, Graham Robins of BorderBuddy was happy to change things up a bit and have a conversation with Audrey full of fun, value and breaking through the noise.

In this episode you will hear about why its important to negotiate a raise and how Graham is working on instilling a culture where people feel comfortable asking for a raise so they feel valued and appreciated.

Then we also talk about how the best learnings come from other people’s mistakes, and why it’s how you handle the mistake, not the mistake itself that makes a difference. Most times, the customer just wants to be heard and recognized, and thats where we get in trouble by coming up with excuses that doesnt solve the problem.

We hear Graham’s take on crypto and Facebook’s new Libra coin, then he takes us on a journey around KPI’s. After reading Bernie Smith’s book. he has come to realize that KPI’s help people easily track their performance and link it to the overall company strategy.

Lastly, because Audrey is a shipper and Graham a customs broker we could not let this match up end without discussing the impending trade wars, and why at the end of the day it’s the customer that ends up paying for extra tariffs. Complicated Canadian regulations also means a lack of innovation and competition, however Audrey and Graham agree that this allows a certain trust in the government that other countries do not have.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [2.12] Why it’s important to ask for a raise
  • [7.50] We should share more of our mistakes
  • [16.10] Libra and the future of crypto
  • [21.50] Taking KPIs to the next level
  • [27.48] How the trade wars affect the customer


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