SEA 2, EP 71 – Panama, the hidden gem of logistics

In this episode we talk to Demo, a Supply Chain Business Strategist at Logistics Services Panama. Demo lives in Panama, a country that has been a logistics hub for over 500 years and is a ‘one size fits all’ solution for global supply chains.

Panama is a unique logistics hub because of its logistics assets. It has the Panama canal, allowing ships from all over the world to gain access. Panama also has a world class port system with 4 ports being developed, essentially supporting both the Pacific and Atlantic ocean. Panama has the biggest free trade zone in the southern hemisphere and charges no tax on export or on sale. This means huge savings in time and cost for businesses doing trade in that area. As Demo says, the logistics are much more efficient; what would take several weeks in Miami, takes 4 days in Panama.

Doing business in Panama has some great advantages, as the country serves up to 30 countries and manages complex markets consisting of over 600 million people. Although Demo works mostly with big companies, he explains that Panama also has opportunities for SMEs thanks to its free trade zone airport and higher flexibility. The Supply Chain Forum happening in August is an excellent place to meet people who have experience doing trade in Panama – from SMEs to large corporations, everyone is welcome!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Demo’s journey in the supply chain industry
  • The history of Panama as a logistics hub
  • Panama’s logistics assets
  • Panama’s free trade zone compared to Miami’s
  • The kind of companies working in Panama
  • Attending the Supply Chain Forum

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