SEA 2, EP 66 – Women In Supply Chain™ Part 19 – Brenda Santoro

Welcome back Lets Talk listeners!

Everyone’s journey is different and as we have seen from this series the path is never straight. Brenda says that being yourself, collaboration and stop labeling are all things to consider on your journey to success.

In this episode, Brenda Santoro Head of Global Trade at Silicon Valley Bank joins me in my Women In Supply Chain™ series to talk about what her career has meant to her and why she loves what she does. Brenda shares her story, the exciting things she is working on, real life examples of challenges she has faced and overcome plus so much more, including her advice to start ups in supply chain and what the #1 thing is that women should do in their career.

Questions I Ask:

  • Tell me about your journey. What did you want to be when you grew up? [0:47]
  • What have you done? [2:07]
  • What are the exciting things you encounter on a daily basis? [5:28]
  • Do you work with mostly startups, mid-size or enterprise companies? [8:15]
  • What challenges have you faced as a woman and how did you overcome them? [11:15]
  • I want to get advice for someone who is looking to change industries or start in the startup space. What advice would you give them? [18:50]
  • What do you think about diversity? What do you think we should get better at? [24:20]
  • What’s next for Brenda? [28:50]

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Brenda ended up at SVB. [2:26]
  • Supporting the innovation economy. [8:00]
  • What makes SVB special. [10:10]
  • Finding your true and authentic voice. [11:30]
  • Operating in an environment where you are truly you. [15:00]
  • Don’t be afraid to make changes. [15:30]
  • Moving through fear. [15:40]
  • It’s a journey that is uniquely individual. [16:35]
  • What are your super powers? [19:39]
  • Keeping an open mind. [20:30]
  • The value of a network. [21:25]

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