SEA 2, EP 64 – Freightwaves, The story behind the brand

Welcome back Let’s Talk listeners!

If you aren’t familiar with FreightWaves you should be, Recently listed on CNBC’s 2018 upstart 100 list as the brightest, most intriguing young start ups promising to become one of the great companies of tomorrow, FreightWaves is a company to watch. In less than a year, FreightWaves grew to the second most trafficked news site in all of freight, globally. See Learn Academy to learn more.

In this episode, Craig Fuller CEO of FreightWaves joins me to talk about the story behind the brand. Craig’s journey started in the family business and as his passion for the industry grew so did his vision for the future. Join me as he tells us the story behind the brand, gives us a glimpse into his journey to success, Craig also predicts the future of supply chain and logistics as well as the reasons behind starting BITA (Blockchain Assoc).

Questions I Ask:

  • Who is Freightwaves? How did it get started? [0:26]
  • As a supply chain professional, what does that mean for me exactly? [1:30]
  • Can you run us through what you’re looking at from your website stats? [6:52]
  • Can you tell us more about your journey? [14:01]
  • What are your thoughts on your future of supply chain and logistics? [20:40]
  • Why don’t you tell us what is next for Freightwaves? [25:16]

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Information about Freightwaves and their online presence. [0:30]
  • Where to get started. [3:30]
  • Data challenges. [5:10]
  • Investing in supply chain operations. [13:02]
  • Craig’s story. [14:16]
  • The playbook at Freighwaves. [18:40]
  • Block Chain and Transport Alliance. [21:13]

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