Michelle DeVevo

SEA 2, EP 62 – Women In Supply Chain™ Part 18 – Michelle Devevo

Welcome back Lets Talk listeners!

“Go with your gut!” is the mantra Michelle is truly living by, from following her gut to Boston to placing hundreds of hard working supply chain professionals on their career paths.

Michelle also loves what she does and encourages everyone to live your passion because it is what drives you, it is what will bring opportunity and help you to live your best life.

In this episode I will introduce you to Michelle Devevo, VP of Talent acquisition in Part 18 of my Women In Supply Chain™ Series. Michelle tells us the story of how she moved to Boston on a whim, how she was recruited for her current position, how she has helped hundreds of supply chain professionals find their way, why employer branding is so important and why Linkedin should be your best friend as an employer and as talent. You will be inspired by this story of passion, instinct and pure will.

Questions I Ask:

  • Where did you start? [0:34]
  • What has your journey looked like? [0:34]
  • What do you do now? [0:37]
  • What are your thoughts on the talent shortage? [7:45]
  • Can you tell us why they are crucial to the success of finding supply chain talent? [9:41]
  • What do you think are the additional skills that supply chain professionals should be looking to add to their resume? [10:57]
  • Do you think supply chain professionals are going to need to have  some sort of addition to the resume in the tech side? [13:51]
  • How are companies looking for and finding talent? [14:49]
  • What are some of those solutions [15:15]
  • What challenges have you faced in your career and how have you overcome them? [20:19]
  • Is there another takeaway you think supply chain professionals should take away from this conversations? [24:52]
  • What get you excited and what’s next for Michelle? [26:46]

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Michelle’s career story and journey to this point. [1:10]
  • Having the right people leading the charge. [7:57]
  • Recruiting culture and employer branding. [10:02]
  • LinkedIn is where it’s at. [15:42]
  • Do your homework on people and don’t chase the money. [23:04]

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