SEA 2, EP 61 – A Journey of optimization, planning & Technology

Welcome back Lets Talk listeners!

Traditionally Supply Chain has been viewed as a cost centre because the majority of a business’ cost are associated with sourcing, procurement, transportation, distribution and last mile. That view is changing and supply chain professionals are now viewing it as an investment centre but that doesn’t mean we stop trying to keep the costs down.

How do you do keep the costs in check? Some are diligent internally, some are so cash rich it gets over looked and most keep the company in check by hiring the experts like Spend Management Experts.

In this episode, Melissa Runge, VP of analytical solutions takes us on a journey of collaboration, winning together in the spend column, why your company needs to partner with someone like SME and how Spend Management Experts keeps your customer experience in mind and that is what sets them apart from their competition.

Questions I Ask:

  • Who is Spend Management Experts and what do you do? [0:34]
  • Why should someone work with a company like Spend Management Experts? [2:10]
  • Can you talk about the companies you are looking to work with? [3:45]
  • How can Spend Management Experts look out for their best interests? [3:45]
  • Is it just small parcel? [6:02]
  • Why don’t you give us a real life example of how you have helped a customer? [7:12]
  • What is cost of service and why does it matter alongside the margins and profitability? [12:19]
  • What would you say is your differentiator? How are you different form your competitors? [16:15]
  • What are your thoughts about the future of logistics and supply chain? [19:00]
  • Give us snapshot into Spend Management Experts. What’s next? [19:00]
  • What are you seeing with that as an impact on freight spend? [20:35]

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Spend Management Experts optimize supply chain costs. [0:55]
  • Challenges Spend Management Experts face. [4:10]
  • Limiting operational dysfunctions and improving customer experience. [4:30]
  • The importance of cost of service. [12:40]
  • Taking a deeper look into clients data and providing visibility. [17:45]
  • The future of supply chain and Spend Management Experts. [19:30]

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