SEA 2, EP 60 – Listen up, Start ups!

Welcome back Lets Talk listeners!

The industry is bursting with new ideas, new innovation and start ups seem to be popping up everywhere. But, what exactly does it mean to be a supply chain start up?

Supply Chain is a Trillion dollar industry, that is complex, intoxicating, fascinating and has been stuck in the traditional. Most can see the need the need for change, some vets are looking to change the way we do business and some newcomers are looking to change the world but what are the key ingredients to finding success as a start up in supply chain.

In this episode, Nino Lo Lacono, a tech entrepreneur from Italy is here to talk about creating new and disruptive innovations in supply chain. Nino and I will talk about the challenges of starting a business in supply chain, suggestions of how to navigate, The importance of negotiation and passion, as well as the future of supply chain. Share this episode with other supply chain professionals, your teams and your colleagues!

Questions I Ask:

  • Why don’t you tell us about your journey in supply chain? [0:35]
  • How did you get started? [0:35]
  • What have you done in the space? [0:35]
  • What was it like to be a start up in supply chain? [3:50]
  • How did you find fundraising for your project? [5:32]
  • What advice would you give to supply chain startups today? [7:05]
  • Is negotiation a skill we need in supply chain? What are your secrets to a good negotiation? [9:37]
  • Where do you see the use cases for IOT in supply chain or more specifically in last mile delivery? [13:00]
  • Can you talk about how different it is to work in supply chain in Italy vs other parts of the world? [16:06]
  • From a corporate stand point, what did you learn from the supply chain stand point? [18:32]
  • What is your crazy prediction for the future of supply chain? [19:53]
  • What’s your take on block chain? [20:57]
  • What is next for Nino? [21:54]

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Providing a memorable experience. [2:15]
  • Mass of emerging technologies. [3:37]
  • Challenges of starting a business in this industry. [4:10]
  • Three main suggestions for startups moving in this field today. [7:20]
  • Showing your passion fearlessly. [11:22]
  • Importance of negotiation and what you can do to be a good negotiator. [9:40]
  • The differences in supply chain around the world. [16:10]
  • The future of supply chain. [20:00]


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