SEA 2, EP 56 – When the rest of the Chain is NOT keeping up

Welcome back Lets Talk listeners!

Only 6 percent of the largest ocean carriers and freight forwarders have end-to-end online booking capabilities. Some 38 percent of the former and 5 percent of the latter do not even offer online quotes, while most of those that do merely log an online request for a quote, which has to be followed up by e-mail or a phone call, often a day or more later.

So what happens when you have been so focused on your own internal innovation that when you look up to implement with the others in your supply chain, they are not even close to keeping up?

In this episode, Graham Robins of Borderbuddy, my resident industry expert is back to debate this topic with me. We talk about the consequences of moving faster then your chain, we share some possible solutions and wonder if collaboration could be one of those answers and we share insights into what will happen to service providers if they don’t get with the times and up their game.

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