SEA 2, EP 55 – The cost to ship vs the cost to serve

Welcome back Lets Talk listeners!

The term “‘Customer Experience” gets thrown out and tossed around on the daily these days but what does it really mean to your business?

Its all about the perception a customer has of your brand. You may think you are on point and have it handled but if the customer gets a broken product, delivery doesnt meet their expectations or they have one bad customer service experience you may lose them forever or worse yet they complain on social or to their friends.

With Customer experience, there is a fine line between the cost to ship vs the cost to serve the customer. In this episode, Jonathan Briggs, Director of e-commerce fulfillment at DHL explains to us why we need to find the balance and quickly. Jonathan will take us into the depths of customer experience, challenges most online retailers are facing, the value of speed, where you should invest your time and money, the future of deliveries and how your company can increase delivery times and stay reliable.

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