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Welcome back Lets Talk listeners!

In this Women in Supply Chain episode we are going Global, to South Africa to be exact. A land where not only Supply Chain is male dominated but the culture is too and Nozuko Mayeka has brought hope, inspiration and guidance to other women in supply chain in her community.

It took courage and blind faith for Nozuko to start her company, Tulsawiz Logistics in challenging times, but now she is being recognized for the impact and fresh perspective she is bringing to the industry

Join me in this episode as I interview Nozuko Mayeka, trailblazer, entrepreneur, mother, thought leader, logistics expert, advocate for women in business, women in supply chain and overall someone who inspires. In part 16, Nozuko speaks to me about the industry in South Africa, adversity she overcomes daily, how she supports women in the industry, how we can support each other globally, advice and how things have changed to the point where industry leaders are coming to her for advice.

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