SEA 2, EP 50 – Keeping your Sanity in Supply Chain

Welcome back Lets Talk Listeners!

One U.S. study found that lost productivity from presenteeism was at least 7.5 times greater than productivity loss from absenteeism.  Presenteeism occurs when employees are physically present, but due to an unaddressed physical or emotional issue, distracted to the point of reduced productivity.

For Graham Robins, this is only one of the many important reasons why mental health is a focus for him and his organization. Being healthy is not just about your physical well being but about your mental health as well, and most employers are now recognizing that this is not just the responsibility of the individual but up to the organization and their employees to be more supportive so we can all live healthier.

Join me in this  episode as Graham of Borderbuddy returns to tell us why mental health is important to both employee and employer, th top 3-4 things companies can implement to get started on awareness, what a mental health day looks like, how time management can help manage stress, how to use technology and social platforms to reduce stress and what supply chain professionals and business leaders can start doing today to make a difference.

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