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Welcome back Lets Talk listeners!

How did you end up in Supply Chain? For some of us it was before the term “supply chain” was even coined in the 1980s, for some of us we fell into the industry and our role evolved over time and for some of us we sought out a career in supply chain as it has become more mainstream.

For Priyanka, She literally fell into and in love with the industry in one fell swoop, so much so that she started a podcast called “Supply Chain Scoop”.Today you will be inspired by a story of passion, opportunity and taking on new challenges.

Join me in this episode as I interview Priyanka Asera, Supply Chain Scoop and Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Transfix for my Women in SC series. In part 15, you will hear about how Priyanka got into supply chain and became passionate about it, Being intentional about what you are doing, how an opportunity is what you make of it, why it is important to meet your customer where they are, the importance of how you ask questions and taking a challenge head on.

Let's Talk Supply Chain