SEA 2, EP 48 – What the bleep is a global service SC partner?

Welcome back Lets Talk listeners!

Even I didn’t know what a Global Service Supply Chain Partner was until I met Ryan, so what is it anyway? You will have to tune into the episode to find out but what I can tell you is that it not only manages the most complex parts of a supply chain but it can also be compared to Football.

In Ryan’s most recent Linkedin article, he says “Just like a football team, service supply chain and service delivery requires the following to achieve the highest levels of success: planning, strong leadership, impeccable timing and precise execution.”

Join me in this episode as I interview Ryan Miller, Vice President of Global Marketing with Flash Global. You will learn about end to end supply chain, which industries truly need a global service partner, what it means to have a 911 environment, the benefits or ROI of working with a global service supply chain partner and how communication is the key to everything.

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