SEA 2, EP 47 – Netflix is a good example of Supply Chain visibility

Welcome back Lets Talk listeners!

The fact is that Supply Chain visibility is the No 1 pain point of shippers today, as per the study JOC did in 2018. What is visibility? It is knowing were your goods are in transit and it is the key to improving and strengthening our supply chains through data being available to all parties including the customer.

What other industries have been able to provide visibility to their customers and how can we learn from them. Jim shares he thoughts on how Netflix is a great example and something we can all resonate with and learn from.

Join me in this episode as I interview Jim Hayden, The CTO of Savi Technology. Jim takes us on a journey about the challenges supply chain faces when it comes to visibility, how you can achieve better performance with visibility, How Netflix is a good example and something we can all learn from and finally what you can put in practice today to get started in your supply chain visibility strategy.

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