SEA 2, EP 42 – Automate, Orchestrate, Accelerate your data

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In recent discussion on my listener corner posts, data keeps popping up. Data is the future of our businesses and supply chain but not everyone is convinced so how do we bring data to the forefront of the supply chain and business conversations?

In this episode, I speak to Dmitry, Senior director of digital manufacturing for HULFT about why they took the leap into working with supply chain,  why IT departments are so bogged down, why security and control is so important in supply chain today, how they are using data to control inventory in the OEM space and how to use your data to automate, orchestrate and accelerate your business. Plus in my listener’s corner for this week find out how you can bring data to forefront of your supply chain conversations and again why this piece of tech is important to your business and why the investment is URGENT. Make sure to share this episode with the next generation of leaders, your management team, C-Suite and colleagues, Enjoy!

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