RSI’s New Replenishment Planning Module is Benefiting Mid-Sized Clients and Gaining Traction in the Market!

Asking supply chain professionals and companies to create more time in their day is like asking the industry to stop using words like ‘resiliency’ and ‘disruption’ after COVID. It’s not going to happen. Even we’re guilty of it!

Planners often find themselves knee-deep in complex spreadsheets, spending way too much time there when they could be making better use of their day! So many small, and even medium-sized businesses, are stuck between a rock and hard place without the budget to pay for an end-to-end ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or MRP (Material Requirements Planning) system.

Well, not anymore!

Right Sized Inventory recently launched an expansion of its services that can address this planning conundrum.

So, is anyone still managing their reorders using a spreadsheet? If so, then keep reading to find out how this new replenishment planning module can benefit you by saving you time and money.

Why We Love Right Sized Inventory’s Planning System


There are so many reasons why we love RSI in general and its services; but we’ve managed to narrow down the top three things we think you might love the most about their newest planning service:

  • It’s affordable. Not every business has a seven-figure budget for expensive end-to-end ERP or MRP systems. RSIs system can help you make sound choices every day on what to order.
  • It’s efficient. At any given time, you can know exactly how much to order. See ya later, spreadsheets. 
  • It gives you your time back. Because you’ll no longer be stuck in a huge, complex spreadsheet for what feels like days, you’ll have a ton of time back on your hands. 

Replenishment Just Got a Whole Lot Cheaper and Faster!


At Let’s Talk Supply Chain, we’ve heard one too many times that supply chain professionals don’t have the budget for the technology that could make their lives easier. That’s where RSI comes in.

So, who out there needs help planning their daily replenishment orders?

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