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292: Blended – More Than Just A Buzzword: Understanding Gaslighting

It’s episode 24 of Blended: I’m joined by another fantastic panel of guests and, today, we’re talking about gaslighting. This is a term that we’re …

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269: The Best-Kept Secret For Vendor Relationships 

We’re continuing to put the spotlight on our incredible family of Let’s Talk Supply Chain live shows, bringing you special guests and exclusive content that …

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267: Unleash The Negotiations Ninja Within with Mark Raffan

Today I’m joined by Mark Raffan, serial entrepreneur, procurement veteran and expert in negotiation, influence, and persuasion. He’s the founder of Negotiations Ninja – designed …

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260: Women In Supply Chain, Maggie Petrovic

In today’s episode of Women In Supply Chain, I’m joined by experienced and strategic logistics operations professional, Maggie Petrovic. A business and communications graduate, Maggie …

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Diversity and Inclusion (blended)

258: Blended – I Said No: Managing Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

It’s episode 19 of Blended: I’m joined by another amazing panel of guests and we’re talking about sexual harassment. It’s another tough subject because the …

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257: Creating Supply Chain Stability with Dual Sourcing and S&OP

Today we’re shaking things up and, instead of our usual guest interview, we’re featuring one of our fantastic new live shows on Let’s Talk Supply …

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256: Find The Perfect Employees For The Long Run, with WorkStep

Today I’m joined WorkStep, a people-focused provider of hiring and retention technology for supply chain teams. WorkStep is the market-leading provider of Frontline Workforce Retention …

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