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Don Hicks talks about Optilogic & what they do; answering the supply chain 'what-ifs'; & finding the perfect balance between cost, service, risk and ESG goals.

376: See The Future Of Your Supply Chain, with Optilogic

 Today I’m joined by Optilogic, a forward-thinking supply chain software brand that is passionate about designing supply chains to thrive. Optilogic’s cloud-native supply chain ...

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Lisa Morales-Hellebo talks about the power of technological invention and innovation; awards; building communities; and making sustainability a priority.
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364: Women in Supply Chain, Lisa Morales-Hellebo

In today’s episode of Women In Supply Chain, I’m joined ...
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Let's Talk Supply Chain Podcast 1
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362: Solve Your Retail Supply Chain Challenges, with SPS Commerce

Today I’m joined by industry-leading cloud solution SPS Commerce. SPS ...
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Let's Talk Supply Chain Podcast 2
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359: Women in Supply Chain, Alexis Mizell-Pleasant

 In today’s episode of Women In Supply Chain, I’m ...
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The panel discuss anxiety; physical and mental triggers and symptoms; how we can support others; and the resources and techniques that worked for them.
Diversity and Inclusion (blended)

355: Blended – Anxiety

Welcome back to Blended! It’s episode 35, I’m joined by ...
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Let's Talk Supply Chain Podcast 3
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352: Simplify Freight By Rail, With Commtrex

Today I’m joined by Commtrex, an award-winning brand that is ...
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Rik Walters tells us all about GoFreight; visibility, and its impact on margins; creating memorable customer experiences; and leveling the playing field for SMBs.
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351: Transform Your Freight Forwarding Business, with GoFreight

Today I’m joined by GoFreight, an all-in-one software provider that ...
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