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303: Driving Your Parcel Performance: Better Performance

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could predict the future? Well, with Sifted, you kinda can… We wrapped up our first mini-series with Sifted a …

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Diversity and Inclusion (blended)

292: Blended – More Than Just A Buzzword: Understanding Gaslighting

It’s episode 24 of Blended: I’m joined by another fantastic panel of guests and, today, we’re talking about gaslighting. This is a term that we’re …

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Locus Robotics on Let's Talk Supply Chain.
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294: Optimize Warehouse Productivity, with Locus Robotics

Today I’m joined by Locus Robotics, a super innovative technology brand that is creating ground-breaking robotics technology, with the right mix of power and flexibility, …

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291: Make Trade Easy, with MODIFI

Today I’m joined by MODIFI, a forward-thinking global financial services technology brand who are on a mission to reinvent global commerce – despite supply chain …

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Michael Campese talks capacity on the Let's Talk Supply Chain podcast.
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289: Achieve Control, Capacity and Care, with Estes Forwarding Worldwide

Today I’m joined by unique global freight forwarder, Estes Forwarding Worldwide (EFW). EFW is one of the leading domestic and international freight forwarders in the …

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Kevin talks simulation on Let's Talk Supply Chain.
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288: Tomorrow’s Insights Delivered Today: A Shipper’s Crystal Ball

It’s episode two of our brand new Sifted mini-series! Last week on episode one, we took a closer look at the Sifted Score. I was …

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Caleb Nelson of Sifted talks automation with Let's Talk Supply Chain.
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290: Tomorrow’s Insights Delivered Today: Enabling Operational Automation

It’s episode three of our Sifted mini-series! Last week in episode two, I was joined by Kevin Miller, VP of Data Insights at Sifted, to …

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