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The supply chain is a complicated and confusing place. It's hard to know who you can trust, what solutions on the market will best suit your needs and what information will be useful for your business goals. Luckily we've got Sarah on our side as the host, bringing a lifetime of industry knowledge and fresh energy to each discussion. Each episode is designed to give you the inside scoop on what solutions are out there and how to get a leg up on your competition.

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Jill Standish & Laurence Brenig-Jones join Sarah Godet of RELEX to discuss collaboration; surge buying and social media; & balancing cost with service.

401: RELEX Talks: State of Supply Chain 2024 – Sneak Preview

 A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated the launch of a brand new live show here on Let’s Talk Supply Chain – Supply Chain ...

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Dyci Sfregola & Hope White discuss how AI is changing the game for supply chain sustainability; & how the right technology will improve your supply chain.
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377: How AI is Improving Supply Chain Sustainability, with Dyci Sfregola and Hope White

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Don Hicks talks about Optilogic & what they do; answering the supply chain 'what-ifs'; & finding the perfect balance between cost, service, risk and ESG goals.
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376: See The Future Of Your Supply Chain, with Optilogic

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The panel talk about microaggressions: what they are; how to identify them; how to tackle them; and their personal experiences.
Diversity and Inclusion (blended)

375 – Blended: ‘Did They Just Say That?’ The Truth About Microaggression

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Bill Benton talks about GAINS; how supply chain decision-making has changed; the impact of machine learning & AI; and committing to democratizing supply chain.
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374: Achieve Supply Chain Optimization In Record Time, with GAINS

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Tudor Maxwell talks about logistics digitization; change management; training and development with WiseTech Academy; & why chaos isn't necessarily a bad thing.
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373: Going Beyond Visibility – Culture and Digitization

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T.J. Kragenbrink talks about her career pivot and what she's learned along the way; becoming an industry award-winner; and making strides in sustainability.
Featured Podcast

372: Women In Supply Chain™, T.J. Kragenbrink

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Let's Talk Supply Chain Let's Talk Supply Chain™ 2
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371: Going Beyond Visibility – From Risk to Resilience: How Technology Is Transforming Global Supply chains

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Let's Talk Supply Chain Let's Talk Supply Chain™ 3
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370: Achieve True Supply Chain Visibility, with Beacon Technologies

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Let's Talk Supply Chain Let's Talk Supply Chain™ 4
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369: From Chaos To Clarity: Simplifying Global Customs Compliance

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Gene Gander and Amna Shah discuss visibility - what it really means; the challenges and opportunities; tech investments; and how CargoWise can help.
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367: Going Beyond Visibility – Unveiling The Invisible

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