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The supply chain is a complicated and confusing place. It's hard to know who you can trust, what solutions on the market will best suit your needs and what information will be useful for your business goals. Luckily we've got Sarah on our side as the host, bringing a lifetime of industry knowledge and fresh energy to each discussion. Each episode is designed to give you the inside scoop on what solutions are out there and how to get a leg up on your competition.

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Amy Leachman of Delivery Solutions talks about the brand & what they do; ecommerce & the importance of omnichannel; and provider and solution diversification.

403: Unify Your Retail Experience, with Delivery Solutions

 Today I’m joined by Delivery Solutions, an omnichannel e-commerce brand with an admirable mission. They envision a world where online and offline customer experiences ...

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Dave Shrager of GAINS debunks supply chain myths & talks about the disconnect between tech & results, continuous change & why businesses need to find their why.
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390: Achieve Real Results And Innovate For The Future, with GAINS

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Carmit Glik talks about swapping the corporate world for start-ups; leveling the playing field for SMEs; and how motherhood makes her a better leader.
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389: Women In Supply Chain™, Carmit Glik

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Igor Chigrin of Win Global discusses his DroneShip Project; its impact on sustainability; global transportation challenges; & the untapped potential in trade.
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388: See The Future of Transportation, with Win Global

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Audrey Ross and Sarah Barnes-Humphrey talk about New Year disruptions; high-tech wearables; sustainable resolutions; and how trade finance can empower women.
Featured Podcast

387: New Year, New Goals in Supply Chain

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The panel discuss doing good - personal vs corporate responsibility; the line between people and profit; & how organizations can create a positive impact.
Diversity and Inclusion (blended)

386 – Blended: Let’s Change The World! Organizations Doing Good Now

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Jeff Metersky talks about decisioning; the risks in using your gut; embracing a VUCA world; and why GAINS is putting a focus on configuration and optimization.
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385: Make The Right Decisions For Your Supply Chain, with GAINS

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Katie Malakhov & Alex Jobin talk about RELEX; the current challenges in retail supply chain; and putting sustainability at the heart of everything they do.
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383: Transform Your Supply Chain and Retail Planning, with RELEX Solutions

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Ashley Yentz talks about failed 2023 predictions; supply chain complexity; visbility, agility & planning; cybersecurity; & why AI is only as good as your data.
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382: Failed Predictions, Bananas and a Supercharged Supply Chain

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Christine Barnhart talks about her supply chain journey; how women promote themselves & support each other; finding her voice; & the power of building a tribe.
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380: Women In Supply Chain™, Christine Barnhart

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Travis Barnier talks about DrayMaster; managing limited freight in a competitive market; building stronger relationships; and effective rate management.
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379: Use Effective Rate Management To Boost Your Business, with DrayMaster

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