Diversity And Inclusion (Blended)

Five individuals share their perspectives and journeys on diversity & inclusion topics. With a platform for diverse voices to be heard & seen, our goal is to provide equal opportunity for every professional!

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292: Blended – More Than Just A Buzzword: Understanding Gaslighting

It’s episode 24 of Blended: I’m joined by another fantastic panel of guests and, today, we’re talking about gaslighting. This is a term that we’re …

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Blended Pledge

The Blended Pledge is a Non-Profit arm, expanded from the Blended Podcast, which has brought a global community together, with authentic conversations, sharing their stories about Diversity & Inclusion; creating more acceptance across industries. We are taking steps to create VISIBLE impact of diverse voices by bringing The Blended Pledge to Industry stages and providing scholarships to all diverse voices in the community to have a seat on in person/digital stages, and in the audiences. 

As well as to highlight brand awareness of Minority Owned Business(es); through access to digital media content. Our Scholarship program aims to cover based on an application process: event tickets, travel expenses, or features in digital content, enabling a visible impact & recognition for our donors and sponsors. We aim to partner with event organizers, mentors, corporate sponsors, media outlets in 2022 and beyond inviting diverse voices to be seen and heard in industries across the globe throughout the year! JOIN US and make an impact today

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