Leveraging Right Sized Inventory’s Patented Technology in New and Different Ways to Solve Complex Supply Chain Problems

Here at Let’s Talk Supply Chain, there are a few things we know pretty well, and industry memes on our LinkedIn are just one of them. Other than that, we hear about supply chain technology all the time. You can say we know a thing or two about it…

But we also know that a lot of that technology is built by folks who don’t necessarily understand how complex supply chain problems or logistics even work. That’s where Right Sized Inventory (RSI) steps in to save the day. 

We’ve written about RSI a little while back about how they’re serving their customers and gaining traction in the market. Now, the cat’s really out of the bag because RSI is expanding their work with big clients everywhere to solve big, complex supply chain issues beyond their core offering (inventory optimization). 


Using Software Built by Real Supply Chain Professionals For Real Supply Chain Professionals

You know we aren’t new to the supply chain technology conversation. You know what is new! Technology that’s built for our industry by the people who have poured their actual blood, sweat, and (probably) tears into the daily grind. 


Think Outside of the Subscription Box

While Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) typically presents itself in a subscription format, cmon it’s 2022 people! Let’s open our minds. The expansion of RSI’s technology and services into several challenging supply chain arenas is very exciting to us! Here are some examples of our observations of complex work supply chain professionals are reaching out to RSI for support:

  • Pressure Testing a Network for “Black Swan Events” for Resiliency Analysis
  • Warehouse/Distribution Center Analysis (e.g. consolidation, expansion, etc.)
  • Capacity Planning

If you need help with analysis of complex supply chain problems, please contact Right Sized Inventory – they can help!


Stop The Trickle Effect of Getting Capacity Planning Wrong

In a recent conversation with Lora Cecere, she told us all about how we screwed up planning. She wasn’t wrong! However, there is a way you can stop the trickle effect that happens when you get capacity planning wrong. 

It all starts at inventory. Essentially, if you’re not getting inventory levels right you’ll never be able to get capacity planning right either. Not a single SKU is left behind during RSI’s process. Giving you total visibility, even during peak or low seasons.

Through the right technology, RSI uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics to make sure you get your project right every step of the way. Not to mention, with a lot fewer headaches. 


Say Goodbye to Outdated Processes

Traditional planning tools are like using Excel spreadsheets to run your supply chain. Putting it nicely, it’s a little outdated. Have you ever not trusted the results from your planning tool? You’re not alone…

Say bye to complex supply chain problemsand hello to inventory optimization.


So grab the hand that can help! Contact the company that big clients are using to solve even bigger supply chain problems, Right Sized Inventory.



Want to hear a bit more about RSI and strategic supply chain planning? Watch this video!

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