Let’s Talk Supply Chain™ AsiaPac 5: Transformational Digitization – Julian (Logixboard)


“Our industry isn’t going to change. People are never going to log into online systems. They will always want to deal directly with people!”.

We’ve observed a colossal amount of change over the last 24 months. COVID has completely changed how we all work, interact and go about our business. Alongside the chaos stands technology providers like Logixboard, who offer solutions for the modern, contactless, digital, customer-centric, and online era.  In an informative and engaging discussion with Co-Founder Julian Alvarez, we hear about:

– Julian’s journey from seeing a distinct need 6 years ago to now
– The discovery of supply-chain operating systems without customer-facing solutions
– How ongoing technological shifts, are being driven by shipper demand
– Why Teams and a ‘People First’ culture is critical to Logixboard’s success

If you’re associated with a small-to-medium freight forwarder, you’ll hear practical insights that will transform your business operations and help you win new customers. And if you’re a supply-chain enthusiast you’ll hear how modern systems can tangibly change how cargo moves across the world!


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