The Secret Society of Supply Chain.

Have you heard? Something Big Is Coming To Supply Chain

Have you heard? Something Big Is Coming To Supply Chain


When you’re looking for cutting-edge resources on innovation and trends across supply chain, where do you go? What about when you’re on a mission to find like-minded professionals and cultivate relationships that go beyond emoji reactions? And what about when you’re trying to generate leads, build campaigns and get ahead of the game in the unique world of supply chain marketing? 

Despite epic problem-solving skills and unflinching resilience, we still haven’t built a unified solution that suits our varied, fast-paced environment and the extraordinary people that work within it.   

Supply chain has been missing a single, collaborative hub, that brings people and ideas together, in an environment that is safe, yet stimulating, for everyone.  

Until now. 

No more noisy, multi-use spaces.  No more elitism. No more multiple subscriptions and memberships. 

Just one platform. That’s as dynamic and innovative as you are. 


Welcome to The Secret Society of Supply Chain – a private network for the supply chain community. 

An industry-first, brought to you by supply chain media entrepreneur Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, The Secret Society of Supply Chain brings professionals, of all backgrounds and experience levels, together in the industry’s largest dynamic network.

Focusing on industry learning and career development, as well as networking and community, The Secret Society of Supply Chain hosts all the content, connection, and creativity you need for supply chain success.       

The Secret Society of Supply Chain will launch this summer with memberships designed to serve three core audiences. But which one is for you


Supply Chainers

Access cutting-edge resources designed by supply chain professionals for supply chain professionals. Supply chainers looking to up their game, from students to leaders, will find informative, thought-provoking, and trending content from renowned influencers in data, cyber security, supply chain, sustainability, logistics, diversity, and much, much more. 

With content available on-demand, this is the hub for supply chainers looking to learn, get inspired, collaborate and level up. Take the Quiz and join the waitlist do you will be the first ones in!


Women In Supply Chain™

Building on the obvious need for dedicated like-minded spaces, as proved by the success of Let’s Talk Supply Chain’s Women In Supply Chain™ Series, Women In Supply Chain™ is a curated community of like-minded individuals who possess different lived experiences and intersecting identities. Focused on nurturing a safe space to enable personal growth, deep connection, and impactful career development, Women In Supply Chain™ houses resources and invaluable peer-to-peer support.  

Led by an experienced professional facilitator, Women In Supply Chain™ hosts a monthly gathering for women to network, share challenges and ideas, form communities, and develop meaningful relationships – outside of their organizations.

With limited spaces available, take the quiz and join the waitlist now.  


The Creative Room

An industry-first for all marketers and creators in supply chain. 

Learn from marketing experts on trending topics, like dark social and demand gen. Save thousands a year on campaigns, and boost your ROI, by bringing in more leads, gathering data, and testing concepts. And get feedback from people that know – get answers to your burning questions from peers and experts, in real-time.  

Be a part of pushing supply chain marketing into the future. In The Creative Room. 

The waitlist is growing fast, so take our quick quiz to see which membership is best for you, and prepare to uncover the best secret in supply chain. 


The Secret Society of Supply Chain. 

Join now.



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