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Have an Interview? Presentation Matters!

“The average person puts only 25% of his energy into his work.The world takes off its hat to those who put in more than 50% of their capacity,and stands on its head for those few and far between souls who devote 100%.”

—Andrew Carnegie
It’s no secret that I love podcasts, and recently I started to listen to Barbara Corcoran’s Business Unusual podcast. They are short, to the point and give great bite size takeaways for everyone to turn into action right away. I have been having a lot of conversations around supply chain talent but not enough around interview etiquette, how someone walks into a room or presents themselves in the interview absolutely matters so that is why this particular advice resonated with me and I want to share with the community. Plus when we know better we do better, we change our lives and the journey that we are on and just simply because I think it’s better to win together and spread the knowledge as there might be one person out there who needs to hear it.

Getting a job in any field is a challenge, but getting a job in supply chain is tough because everything is changing so fast and there is an art to giving a good interview. I recently read a post on Linkedin that asked why we make candidates jump through hoops and go above and beyond when we could just keep it simple. I think it’s on both parties to keep it mindful (unbiased), a meaningful experience and respectful so here are some of the tips Barbara shared on her episode

Barbara says…..Presentation matters!

#1 BE AWARE of posture when you walk in, this will determine whether you look secure and confident. Barbara says she eliminates 2 out of 3 candidates based on this one alone!

#2 PRACTICE your handshake…make sure it is firm and make contact with the inner part of the thumb, push gently. Barbara says if you don’t do this that it means your untrustworthy – who knew!

#3 ALWAYS look into the interviewers eyes because it creates trust – love this one and I have been practicing this for years, just try not to make it creepy!

#4 DRESS IN YOUR SUNDAY BEST – Look respectable which means looking neat and well dressed without attracting attention. For women Barbara says NOT to wear 4in heels, you want to wear shoes that suggest you can work and you can’t work in 4in heels – #truth

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