272: Blended – Boost Your Bottom Line: Why You Should Be Retaining Diverse Talent

It’s episode 21 of Blended! I’m joined by another incredible panel of guests and we’re talking about diverse talent in the workplace, and how to keep it. From labor shortages to issues around retention, I’m having more and more conversations about talent on Let’s Talk Supply Chain, and it really was time to bring that conversation over to Blended. Ensuring you have diverse talent in your business could be the difference between surviving and thriving, so it’s something everyone should be taking seriously.

Today, our guests will be discussing the current landscape in supply chain when it comes to talent; sharing their own personal experiences; tackling how to successfully hire and retain talent; and discussing exactly how we navigate bias to improve company culture.




[00.45] Introductions to our Blended panelists.

  • Bryant – Digital Content Marketing Manager, Corporate Communications at Blue Yonder
  • Meredith – Senior HR Director at DHL Supply Chain
  • Heidi – Founder of Diversity Study Group
  • Sugathri – Program Director, Women In Supply Chain™s at Digital Supply Chain Institute

“The landscape is transforming like never before.” Sugathri

[03.50] The group dives into the current landscape in supply chain when it comes to talent, and reflects on the truth behind the headlines around ‘talent shortages’ and the ‘great resignation.’

  • Is there a difference between talent and labor shortages?
  • Working with the right recruiter
  • Changing the face of the wider industry you work within
  • Selling your brand
  • Understanding the changing market and needs of the next generation
  • Robust retention plans
  • Culture work
  • How does leadership need to change?
  • Making DEI a business case

“Ensuring that you have the right wages and the right benefits have become really important – if you’re not hitting the mark on that, and if your culture is not right, people aren’t going to come and work for you. Or they’ll come, and then they’ll leave.” Meredith

[21.56] The panel reflects on the step before retention – hiring the right talent.

  • Are talent shortages a result of dated and exclusionary hiring practices?
  • Driving diversity of thought, which leads to innovation
  • Crafting diverse teams
  • How do we ensure diverse voices are heard equally?
  • Allyship and elevating others’ voices
  • Why it’s not just an HR issue
  • Unconscious bias

“It’s a candidate driven, employee market, and its absolutely essential that organisations are pitching themselves right.” Heidi

[40.47] The group shares their personal experiences and dive deeper into unconscious bias: what it means, the impact on retaining talent and how we successfully navigate through it in the workplace to help retention.

  • Giving regular feedback
  • Creating boards and panels instead of making things one person’s responsibility
  • Communication and conversation
  • Sharing of personal experience and perspective
  • Taking accountability for our own bias
  • How we can help others to make it personal, connect and understand
  • Creating working communities
  • Address it head-on

“Anybody who has been ‘othered’ is always asking themselves those questions – do I have an unconscious bias? And it’s terrifying when you have to come face to face with yourself and admit it.” Bryant

[1.13.14] The panel summarizes their thoughts on how organizations can successfully retain talent.

  • Flexibility
  • Being proactive instead of reactive
  • Ensure people feel accepted, included and valued
  • Visible leadership
  • Intention
  • Building the right culture
  • Overhaul your hiring processes to better onboard diverse employees
  • Support the creation of communities within your organization
  • Train managers to lead diverse teams
  • Make it all transparent
  • Create mentorship and sponsorship opportunities
  • Develop a formal retention plan
  • Stand in solidarity with diverse employees

[01.27.23] The group sums up their thoughts from today’s discussion.




You can connect with Bryant, Heidi, Meredith and Sugathri over on LinkedIn.

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