261: Unstuck Yourself from Spreadsheets: Driving Collaboration and Productivity – See with Quickbase

This is the first episode in our brand new four-part mini-series in partnership with Quickbase.

Quickbase helps customers see, connect and control complex projects that reshape our world. Whether it’s raising a skyscraper or coordinating vaccine rollouts, the no-code software platform allows business users to custom-fit solutions to the way they work – using information from across the systems they already have.

Today in Episode 1, See, we’ll be taking a closer look at people: the workers on the front line of the industry right now; the challenges; the opportunities; and exactly how Quickbase can optimize and automate to connect people and workflow together.




[02.01] A reminder of who Quickbase are and what they do; and an update on what’s changed since they were last on the show.

[04.01] From labor shortages to staff retention, the main challenges that businesses are facing when it comes to front-line workers, and how those challenges have changed from just a couple of years ago.

“Frontline workers are having challenges, and the folks that are trying to hire, retain, train and continuously upskill those workers are also having a huge challenge… COVID has put a huge spotlight on the need to improve some of the processes that are touching turnover.”

[06.51] Compliance, how job site safety has changed dramatically since COVID, and the key priorities in the area right now.

“COVID has thrown a shocker at all of us and said ‘hey, you need to be able to adapt to rules, regulations and requirements that never existed’ – and you may not have a tool to track these 10 new requirements, or capture the information you didn’t capture before.”

[10.14] Connectivity, and why it’s so important to change the way we think about data in order to get our teams out of Excel.

“People will always gravitate towards the path of least resistance to solve their problems.”

[13.50] A closer look at the Quickbase software, and how it’s designed with front-line workers in mind.

“The challenge we see most often is that no team is exactly like the last one… they really need a combination of technology that is safe, secure and robust, but can then be moulded like Play Doh for the front line environment, that allows for both starting fast, and then scaling.”

[17.45] Peter’s reflections around automation, how to get the most out of it, and how that works with Quickbase.

“It’s dangerous to want to jump full steam ahead into automation… it needs to be coupled with strategy.”

[23.31] Process improvement, and how you can achieve a healthy full circle model built around Quickbase.

“Momentum is what starts to change culture.”

[29.22] The impact on your business and bottom line when you successfully pull the threads of good data, transparency, collaboration and process improvement together.

[32.44] A case study looking at how Quickbase helped a key customer to bridge systems and achieve connectivity and visibility, without impacting legacy systems.

[36.17] What businesses need to consider and prioritize when it comes to people, and the changes we can expect to see from Quickbase in the future.

“As a business, are you stepping back to reassess how work can be done in a post COVID time?”



Head over to Quickbase’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Quickbase and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

If you want to dive deeper into what Quickbase is all about, why not listen to episode 224, where Peter Rifken, Principal Solutions Consultant at Quickbase, chats all about the company: what they do; the importance of operational agility; and the power to be found in unlocking the potential of your people. You can also read Peter’s blog, where he talks about how to eliminate disconnected teams and increase supply chain visibility.

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