247: Blended – The Difference Between Culture and Community: What Can We Learn?

It’s episode 17 of Blended: I’m joined by another incredible panel of guests and we’re talking about community and culture. It’s a huge beast to tackle, but sometimes we get the best conversations and most fascinating insights from letting our guests open up, share their truths and bring a really intimate look at the topic from their perspective.

The culture or community that each of us has come from, and the differing communities that play their parts during the course of our lives, are truly instrumental in making us who we are. And really taking the time to hear and embrace that can make us all better friends, partners, parents, colleagues – truly, better people.

Today we’ll be diving into our guests personal experiences with their individual cultures and communities; the challenges involved in embracing who you are; the amazing benefits that can come from working together and celebrating each other’s individuality; and the panel will be sharing their advice for creating more supportive and inclusive workplaces.




[01.34] Introductions to our Blended panellists.

  • Lisa – Co-founder of REFASHIOND Ventures and REFASHIOND OS
  • Victoria – Owner at Victoria Ann Studio and Founder of Unhidden
  • Jennifer – Founder and CEO of Staff Shop

[05.12] The group discuss culture: what it means, the impacts and their own personal experiences.

“I can’t imagine a single culture throughout time that didn’t have an amazing arena of self-expression and creativity – and you can really assess a culture by its creative.” Lisa

  • What makes a culture?
  • The personal journey involved in embracing ones own culture
  • Empathy vs grace
  • Guilt and shame surrounding individual cultures
  • Forgiveness and healing
  • Insights into indigenous Canadian and Puerto Rican cultures
  • Intergenerational trauma

“Given the lack of visibility for disabled people, its tough to embrace a culture that, for so long, has hidden us away and made it so difficult for us to live as equitable a life as everyone else.” Victoria

[44.20] The panel share their thoughts around community, and take a closer look through the lens of disability.

  • What is the difference between culture and community?
  • Ableism and discrimination

“Disability is like a subculture… Worldwide, there’s a million of us: it’s the world’s largest marginalized group.” Victoria

[57.12] The group reflect on how we can create more inclusive environments and better support one another, in the workplace and in wider society.

  • Where does responsibility lie?
  • Opportunities for learning and growth
  • Self-declaration vs asking questions
  • Wide range of accessibility needs
  • Role of data
  • Using self-identification to reclaim power
  • Business certification and supplier diversity

“We’re not a problem to be solved. Maybe ask ‘what more can I learn?’” Jennifer

[1.15.11] The panel discuss celebrating culture and community, the current challenges and the benefits to be found in embracing difference.

  • Labels, siloes and intersectionality
  • Finding common ground
  • A focus on equal opportunity
  • Outdated procurement and grant application processes
  • Acceptance and tolerance vs understanding value
  • Poverty, gatekeeping and financial literacy

“It’s about creating an environment where people can be their authentic self, where they feel safe…” Jennifer

[1.33.26] The panellists sum-up their learnings from today’s discussion.




You can connect with Lisa, Victoria and Jennifer over on LinkedIn.

Check out our other podcasts HERE.



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