237: Simplify Global Trade, with Serai

Today I’m joined by Serai, an online B2B platform with a mission to simplify global trade.

Founded by HSBC and based in Hong Kong, Serai has the strength of a global bank and the agility of a start-up. Serai’s mission is to simplify global trade: by helping companies of all sizes connect, build trust and trade; and by empowering them with tools and information to understand their supply chains and manage their risks. Serai want to create new solutions to shape the entire future of international trade, beginning with the apparel industry.

Today Lindsey Hermes, Head of Enterprise Solutions at Serai, joins me to chat all about the company: what they do; the importance of collaboration and visibility; and the simplified future of global trade.




[06.42] Lindsey’s career journey, and how she came to join Serai.

[08.53] All about Serai – what they do, and how they help their customers.

[09.57] The importance of collaboration, the Serai ethos, and how that leads to real diversity within the business, both in the workforce and userbase.

“The faster that leadership realizes you are your supply chain, the more collaboration and transparency become critical to doing business.”

[12.47] Serai’s huge growth over the last year, and how they’ve facilitated it.

[13.36] The key Serai offerings.

“We bring information from multiple sources together in a  singular view, so businesses can make decisions faster and stay up to date on who they’re doing business with around the world.”

[17.00] A closer look at implementation, and the ease of use you can expect with the Serai platform.

“We’ve designed the solutions strategically to be simple, so it’s as easy as possible to get started.

[19.31] How regulation, and consumer demand, has changed old ways of working, and how Serai can facilitate better business through traceability and visibility.

[22.00] Why Serai focused on the apparel industry first.

[23.26] What the Serai platform can do for different sizes and types of customer.

[25.17] Lindsey’s reflections on her ideal customer for Serai.

“When you’ve publicly made statements around sustainability and environmental initiatives, the key in meeting those business objectives is transparency – and that comes down to traceability and visibility in your supply chain.

[27.11] A case study, showing how the Serai platform resulted in vast time savings for a key customer.

“Technology is the enabler that we need to do business in a more strategic way.”

[30.32] The future for Serai and the global trade industry.





Head over to Serai’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Serai and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, or you can connect with Lindsey on LinkedIn.

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