222: Build the future of digital logistics, with Vizion

Today I’m joined by Vizion, an exciting supply chain and logistics tech company that offers API’s and tools to help businesses integrate quality ocean freight tracking data from almost any carrier in a single, easy to use structure.

Founded in 2018, Vizion provides the technology and data needed to build and deliver end-to-end logistics visibility for shippers, forwarders and software developers. Combining simple APIs for tracking international ocean freight with a global web of carrier connections, the Vizion platform provides you with the data you need to optimize the quality and cost of your visibility.

Today Kyle Henderson, CEO & Co-Founder at Vizion, joins me to chat all about the company: what they do; how their real-time technology successfully pulls together shippers and forwarders; and the future of visibility.



[07.21] Kyle’s background, and the entrepreneurial spirit that led him to be a part of nine tech start-ups before eventually founding Vizion.

“I really doubled down on understanding analytics and data as the principle elements in each of the companies I worked for. So lets take what I learned in this industry… and take it to this industry who hasn’t done it yet.”

[12.38] Exactly what Vizion does, and how it helps its customers.

“We were encountering, again and again, issues with the data foundations across international logistics. It was tough to get data, and if you could get it, it wasn’t coming through pipes that any modern tech systems would utilize. And then the data itself was fragmented and incomplete.”

[18.24] The fundamental differences between API’s and EDI’s, and Kyle’s reflections on the pros and cons.

[24.54] Why API’s are truly at the heart of digital transformation.

“API’s force better data quality.”

[28.30] A closer look at the Vizion interface and pricing structure.

“Using an API is the most flexible and close-to-instant way to put the information you need in the places and systems you want in the fastest possible time.”

[33.17] From smallest to largest, why Vizion doesn’t necessarily have an ideal customer.

[35.14] Key customer case studies demonstrating the different ways Vizion can help to solve business challenges, and deliver swift ROI.

“Our customers know before their customers ask.”

[39.18] The future for Vizion.



Head over to Vizion’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Vizion and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn or Twitter, or you can connect with Kyle on LinkedIn.

Read Vizion’s blog post on how API’s are enabling supply chain digital transformation here.

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