212: Women In Supply Chain™, Ana Lucia Alonzo

In today’s episode of Women In Supply Chain™, I’m joined by Ana Lucia Alonzo: a powerhouse supply chainer, who has held impressive leadership roles at major global consumer brands.

After gaining a degree in industrial engineering and an MBA at INCAE Business School in her home nation of Guatemala, Ana Lucia dived feet first into a career in supply chain. Her career has taken her around the world and seen her climb the ranks of supply chain leadership in huge brands like Chiquita. Ana Lucia is now bringing together everything she’s learned so far as VP of global supply chain at Starbucks.

Today Ana Lucia will be talking to us about her career so far, her take on COVID demand and disruption, the importance of brands embracing sustainability; and she’ll be sharing her words of advice for all of the women following in her footsteps.


Apex Logistics are proud to sponsor Let’s Talk Supply Chain’s Women In Supply Chain™ podcast and blog series. Our leadership team actively works to empower an industry as diverse as our workforce with a focus on inclusion, and we’re passionate about promoting the voices of women leaders to drive visibility around their achievements. Find out more over on the Apex Logistics website.


[05.43] Ana Lucia’s background, and how her curious nature – and love of food! – led her to supply chain.

“My childhood was filled with education, I was constantly encouraged to explore – intellectual curiosity was on a daily basis.”

[09.30] Why Ana Lucia moved to America from Guatemala, and how her international experiences shaped her.

[13.33] Ana Lucia’s experience at Starbucks.

“It’s a really inclusive culture. It encourages you to bring your whole self to work – and that makes a difference!”

[21.39] COVID, its impact on customer demand and supply chain disruption.

“We’re facing unpreceded volatility and uncertainty in all aspects, across supply and demand. But its amazing how supply chains across the world have stepped up.”

[26.02] Ana Lucia’s final role at Chiquita, and why incorporating continuous improvement is the key to successful sustainability.

“I had the opportunity to combine elements that make a difference for our environment, but at the same time still drive operational excellence – that’s so critical in sustained long-term solutions.”

[29.24] The experiences and challenges that Ana Lucia faced as a Latina woman in a male-dominated world, and what she learned from them.

“Most of the environments, for my studies and work, have been male-dominated. So in a way I’ve been used, most of my life, to being the minority in the room.”

[34.02] The liberating moment Ana Lucia found her voice.

[38.04] Why the future is bright for supply chain, and for Ana Lucia.

[39.53] Ana Lucia’s words of advice to the next generation.

“It’s not about being perfect, but always being better.”



You can connect with Ana Lucia over on LinkedIn.

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