193: Closing the Gap between Shippers and Forwarders, with Shipz

Welcome to a very special episode of Let’s Talk Supply Chain! Today’s host is Jonathan Kempe, the CEO & Founder of Verifai, an Australian company with a global presence, that uses technology to increase supply chain security, visibility and transparency. And his esteemed guest is: Sarah Barnes-Humphrey!

Sarah is not only the founder and host of Let’s Talk Supply Chain. She is also the co-founder and CEO of new technology start-up, Shipz Inc. Shipz is an award-wining freight marketplace that is working to simplify the complexity often found in logistics; the platform closes the gap between shippers and forwarders, creating an accessible, affordable and hassle-free logistics solution for all.

Today Sarah tells Jonathan all about her background, how she came to found Shipz, all the positives the platform is bringing to the market and what the future might bring for international shipping.



[05.29] An introduction to Sarah and what she loves about international shipping.

[07.08] Sarah’s journey in supply chain and how she came to found Shipz.

[12.42] A closer look at exactly what Shipz does, and the problems it solves for both mid-market shippers and freight providers.

“For a shipper, it takes 101 hours, 40 emails and 20 phone calls just to get a shipment quoted and booked.”

[19.19] How collaboration, visibility, sustainability and data form part of the long-term Shipz roadmap.

“Collaboration is the future of business – and it’s at the forefront of everything I do. Winning together is my philosophy.”

[21.42] Sarah’s reflections on launching Shipz against the backdrop of the pandemic.

“You have to try, you have to test, you have to see what’s going to stick with the customer – from marketing messages to product.”

[26.21] The role that platforms like Shipz can play in minimizing disruption and bringing efficiencies to day-to-day business.

“In some tech, we’re actually getting ahead of our customers: we’ve got to meet them where they are. We’ve got to take what they’re doing and make it easier for them.”

[30.10] A profile of Shipz’ ideal customer.

[31.30] How the Shipz features are laser-targeted to customer needs, and the positive feedback Sarah has seen so far.

[37.06] Sarah’s reflections on what the next few years will hold for supply chain and international shipping.

[41.15] Why Shipz is a signatory of the Neptune Declaration, and the importance of paying attention to industry welfare issues.

[44.16] The future for Shipz.

“We’re going to continue to listen to our customers, and build features based on their feedback.”



Head over to Shipz’ website to find out more and sign up for a FREE trial now.

There are lots of ways you can connect with Shipz, to find out what the team are up to: follow Shipz on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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