191: Women In Supply Chain™, Lora Cecere

In today’s episode of Women In Supply Chain™, I’m joined by Lora Cecere. She’s had an impressively long-standing and diverse career, working in software, marketing and research for some big industry names from Proctor & Gamble to Kraft, before breaking away and starting her own firm, Supply Chain Insights, in 2012.

Through Supply Chain Insights, Lora works with supply chain leaders to take teams to higher levels of excellence. With research in her veins, Lora’s firm focuses on the changing face of enterprise technologies, paving new directions in building thought-leading supply chain research. And as if that didn’t keep her busy enough, Lora is also the author of popular blog ‘Supply Chain Shaman,’ a columnist for several industry publications and the author of two books (to date!)

Today Lora will be talking to us about her incredible career so far, her passion for research, the creativity and connection she finds through writing and the future of supply chain.



This Women In Supply Chain™ feature was made possible by our sponsor, Apex Logistics. Apex Logistics International Inc is deeply rooted in diversity and culture, led by our own “Woman in Supply Chain” CEO, Elsie Qian; these values are why we partnered with Let’s Talk Supply Chain for the Women In Supply Chain™ series. Apex is recognized as one of the fastest-growing Top 25 airfreight forwarders in the world, with a network of over 2500 global employees in more than 70 countries.


[05.56] Lora’s background, her major career transitions and the journey that brought her to where she is now.

“I hope that, when I retire, people will say ‘she told it like it is, we believed in her and she was independent.’ ”

[09.59] How Lora came to found Supply Chain Insights.

[13.49] From personal creativity to helping others, Lora reflects on her passion for writing.

“The whole process of writing is fascinating to me – and that learning is a journey that never ends.”

[20.49] Lora’s varied experiences as a woman in a male dominated industry.

“I probably wouldn’t be Lora Cecere in the role I am now if Proctor and Gamble hadn’t been so inclusive in diversity.”

[26.51] Lora’s take on how the industry has changed over the years, and her predictions for future trends.

“The definition of the office, and the meeting, will be totally different. We can constantly evolve how we work.”

[31.18] Lora’s reflections on what a woman’s voice truly is, and the three different ways she discovered her own.

[37.30] From travelling less to her ongoing contributions to the industry, what the future holds for Lora.

[39.29] Lora’s words of wisdom for the next generation of Women In Supply Chain™.



There are so many ways you can follow or connect with Lora: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Influencer, Twitter. Check out her blog, or read her writing over on Forbes.

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