189: Delivering APEX – One Byte At A Time

This is the fourth and final episode in our “Delivering Apex” mini-series, in partnership with Apex Logistics.

Last week in Episode 3, “Breaking Ground,” I was joined by Beth Parker, Business Development Manager at Apex, to discuss sales and marketing in logistics – how it’s evolved over the years, the challenges thrown up by COVID and exactly how Apex have been using their sales and marketing functions to support their business mission this past year.

Today in Episode 4, “One Byte At A Time,” I’m joined by Amanda Nazareno, Senior Product Manager at Apex, to talk all about technology: the emerging trends, the importance of using tech to enhance visibility and how Apex are staying ahead of the curve.


[01.05] An introduction to Amanda, her role at Apex and her reflections on technology in supply chain.

“People would be surprised by the volume of investment in innovation, in all areas of supply chain.”

[02.43] How the COVID crisis accelerated the need for new technology and increased connectivity.

“The pandemic has really forced companies to break down functional silos and build interconnected people, data, processes – and all of that is enabled by technology.”

[05.36] Whether businesses need true end to end solutions, or better integration between platforms.

[07.55] Key upcoming technology trends, including growth in all areas that enable predictability.

“There’s a constant chase for radical and revolutionary solutions.”

[10.39] How Apex tech can help businesses to take control and mitigate risk.

[12.29] Visibility: myth vs reality.

[16.50] The importance of data.

[20.39] How Apex taps into customer needs and uses collaboration to stay ahead of the curve.

[23.50] What the future holds for Apex.

“We’re going to have a focus on data that’s enabling transparency and agility.”



Head over to Apex Logistics’ website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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