187: Delivering APEX – Breaking Ground

This is the third episode in our “Delivering Apex” mini-series, in partnership with Apex Logistics.

Last week in Episode 2, “We Deliver Passion,” I was joined by Sangna Mistry Kuhia, Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development at Apex, to talk about people – the ins and out of hiring and retention, Apex’s people-led approach and why a motivated, dedicated and passionate workforce is the key to success.

Today in Episode 3, “Breaking Ground,” I’m joined by Beth Parker, Business Development Manager at Apex, to discuss sales and marketing in logistics – how it’s evolved over the years, the challenges thrown up by COVID and exactly how Apex have been using their sales and marketing functions to support their business mission this past year.



[01.08] An introduction to Beth and her role at Apex.

[03.28] How sales has changed over the last decade.

“The biggest change has been technology.”

[06.12] Key Apex services, including chartered air freight.

[08.49] Marketing as an extension of sales, and why it’s so important that the two teams work hand in hand.

[12.05] How marketing has evolved and the importance of embracing change.

“You have to change with the times or you die!”

[15.48] The synergy between sales and marketing and how Apex leverages that power.

[18.42] The ways in which good marketing can really help to support a company and why some businesses might need to rethink the way they view marketing.

“When businesses only look at marketing as a cost center, it really puts them at a disadvantage.”

[22.33] Do your research and get educated, Beth’s advice for today’s sales teams.

“Persistence wins – sales is a marathon, not a sprint.”

[26.17] A closer look at some of the challenges thrown up by COVID when it comes to sales.

[28.43] Challenges and trends for the coming year and how sales can use that knowledge to start discussions with potential customers.



Head over to Apex Logistics’ website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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